When it comes to wedding planning in Las Vegas, there are many options available.  A ballroom in the Bellagio?  An outdoor party at Springs Preserve?  Vintage Vegas in a chapel?  Regardless of where you choose to say, I Do there is the issues of how you say it.  Repeat after an officiant?  Or write your own?  Many couples are writing wedding vows on their own and need a little help to get started.  Here are a few steps to get those creative writing juices flowing:
Start on Your Own–There are different schools of thought on writing wedding vows with your fiancé or on your own.  We recommend starting on your own then joining forces later in the process.
Set Guidelines–Before you begin writing, discuss if you are looking to compose a few lines or a few paragraphs.  Do you feel comfortable sharing personal stories?  Do you want to laugh, cry or both?
Remember Why–Why are you in love?  What made you decide to accept (or offer!) the invitation to a first date?  And the date after that?  What are you committing to each other?
Consider Cultures–You may be blending religions and cultures or leaving spirituality out of the ceremony completely.  Pull ideas from your backgrounds, history and inspiration.  These can be religious or can be a favorite author, song or words of wisdom from your grandparents or grocery store clerk!  Look into other cultures and adopt, where appropriately, their schools of thought.
Make a Date–Schedule a time to get together and read your vows to each other.  Some couples prefer to surprise each other at the ceremony.  If that’s the case, we still recommend a general discussion about what you’ll be saying.  Setting a deadline to have them written and spoken (or discussed) to each other helps eliminate the scramble to write something the night before the wedding!
Practice Makes Perfect–Repeat them as you get ready in the morning, before you go to bed or on your way to work.  Being comfortable with what you are saying makes your expression more meaningful and heartfelt when you are at the altar.
Keep in mind, your officiant will be able to assist you in your vows, so look to him or her as needed.  For more information check out these posts:
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