I believe in the power of repetition!  If it is in art, interior design, architecture or weddings I think it creates an incredible impact.  Below are some images I find inspiring and showcase how repetition is used in daily life and in the wonderful world of wedding design!

Image found here.  In this architecture, the archways create an atmosphere and lead the eye to an end point.

 A photograph from this Las Vegas wedding at The Smith Center beautifully depicts the art piece done by Tim Bavington.  The extraordinary colors used really stand out since the repetitive nature of the cylinders is easy for the mind to comprehend.


Paper & Home created this invitation for our project at The Barrymore.  A repeating graphic is a great detail for use in stationery.  You’ve seen it used countless times in stripes, chevron, polka dots and more but this shape is unexpected and interesting.

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Some of the very best examples of repetition come in the form of royal tables at weddings.  These images include various amounts of decor; some ornate and some simple.  The design created by the repeated seating pattern creates a rhythm for the mind and eye to follow.  The steady place setting is a foundation to provide a bounce of movement through the centerpieces.  Overall it provides visual interest while not being overwhelming.

I’m working with a couple later this Spring who will be utilizing this technique in creating one giant table for their entire guest list.  I can’t wait to see it come to life and share pictures after the wedding day!