Scheme definitely loves Deidra Wilson. If you have had the opportunity to talk to this Las Vegas wedding photographer… or meet her, you know that she has an amazing heart and personality that pretty much can mesh with anyone. We first had the opportunity to meet Deidra for the first time at our 1st Birthday Party back in August of 2011. Let’s just say it was friendship at first site and we love every opportunity to work with her that we can get. We are looking forward to working with her on November 17th for the amazing couple Yolanda & Eric. Check out their engagement photos with Deidra here!

Deidra’s photography leaves us absolutely breathless when we see new images of hers… especially if it is a Scheme wedding or event. If you would like to get a glimpse at more of Deidra Wilson and why we love her so much, read on below on this Scheme Loves post.

Las Vegas Wedding Planner

“I was a magazine publisher for nearly a decade, photographing things like food and architecture for clients all over the country. I moved into photographing people and weddings in 2010 after my own experience with our wedding photographer was less than ideal. I realized that I truly loved the process of capturing priceless moments in my clients’ lives, and what that ultimately meant to them and their loved ones. I always joke that a sushi roll has never turned to me and said, ‘Thank you so much for capturing these images – they mean the world to me.’ Preserving memories is the most rewarding and personally satisfying part of what I do. My style of photography is natural and journalistic. I focus on documenting the day that I spend with my clients, whether it’s a two hour engagement shoot or a full day wedding. I want to photograph the quiet gazes and the giggles that are sure to make an appearance at some point. Those are the images that stir up emotion and make up the memories that can’t be recreated, and those are usually the ones that make it onto the wall in the living room.”

Las Vegas Wedding Planner

As a photographer, what advantages do you have when working with a coordinator?

I love working with a coordinator because it makes the day run smoothly and everyone knows what to expect, and when. You’ll always encounter the unexpected on a wedding day, but with a coordinator, there will be someone there to help get everything back on track. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ended up acting as a coordinator when there isn’t one. My job is to capture my clients looking happy and relaxed, and ultimately, if they’re feeling the stress of the day, it’s my job to get them to smile and relax so that their images are the absolute best that they can be. A coordinator makes that much (much!) easier for everyone. A coordinator ensures that there is plenty of time to capture all the little details that you spent months obsessing over and perfecting; ultimately, they help me do my job to the absolute best of my ability.


What are the benefits a bride will experience when using your services?

I treat every client as I would want to be treated. That may sound cliché to some, but the ‘Golden Rule’ is one that is often, and sadly, forgotten. I like to learn as much about their story as possible so that I can tell that story on the day that we work together. When a bride books with me, I’m very honest with them about what they can expect when working with me. I am extremely fast with response times when they have a question or need to make any changes to their plans. If a client asks me a question, it’s because they want an answer, today – not in 2 weeks! On the day of the wedding, I am absolutely there for the client. If the bride needs a bobby pin to tame a loose curl or a reassuring hug before she walks down the aisle, I’m there for all of that. I strive to go above and beyond what is expected of me, because that’s what my clients deserve. Yes, I’m a wedding photographer, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve played other roles on the big day. My goal is to have every client look back on our time together and not only cherish the images that we captured, but to remember the experience with absolute fondness. My turnaround time on images is also incredibly fast – I had to wait for what seemed like forever for my wedding images. I get those images out to my clients in 2 weeks (as opposed to 4-6 weeks, or more!). Every. Single. Time. They want their pictures and I want to get them to them!


What are some misconceptions about professional photography that you’d like to address?

It doesn’t have to be posed or forced or uncomfortable. The vast majority of my clients have never had professional photos taken, and it can be scary to let go and relax into the shoot. I am a total pro at getting people to laugh and let down their guard. If you’re worried about feeling posed or unnatural, that’s one thing that I can promise you won’t experience with me. I have a plethora of bad jokes in my repertoire and I’m totally willing to act like a dork if it makes everyone more comfortable.


Let’s play Loaded Questions with Deidra!

What are some of your hobbies outside the wedding industry?

Rock climbing, triathlon and, as crazy as it may sound, photography. I try to push myself physically and mentally because it really helps me de-stress and be able to give 100% focus when I’m at ‘work.’ I consider photography a hobby outside of weddings because I still love to grab a camera and head out and take pictures for me, to put on my own walls, and remind me of the beauty that surrounds us.

What is something you wish you could do every day?

Sleep late! I secretly love to sleep in. I’m a total night owl and bedtime before midnight is nearly unheard of in our house.

What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done?

I completed in a triathlon back in Texas with about, oh, let’s say, a whopping 5 minutes of training underneath my belt. Looking back, it probably wasn’t all that dangerous, but I was pretty convinced that I was going to drown in the first 3 minutes in the water. Clearly, I survived to tell the story, and I’m looking forward to doing it again.

What would you rather be doing today?

Absolutely nothing different than what I’m doing right now. I spent a good number of years chasing things that didn’t actually have meaning in the grand scheme of things (no pun intended!). Now, I focus on doing what makes me happy, and in turn, I wouldn’t change a thing.

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