We had the pleasure working with Whitney and the One Luv team when they did our hair and makeup for the January Bridal Spectacular show.  Read below to learn more about One Luv Agency and Bridal.

“One Luv is an agency that represents a team of Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists that are second to none. Founded by Whitney Urichuk, One Luv embodies the essence of artistic vision, knowledge, and incomparable talent. We are the agency of choice in Las Vegas.
Our company is committed to developing and maintaining long term relationships. We recognize the importance of providing superior service in order to meet our client’s needs. All of our artists have many years of experience in the industry and pride themselves on showcasing their artistic abilities.
One Luv Bridal specializes in Airbrush Makeup and Hair for Weddings, Engagement Photos, Bachelorette Parties, and Special Events. We offer Full Airbrush Makeup Application and Hair Styling for the Bride, Bridal Party and Mother of the Bride/Groom. One Luv will work with brides to create a Customized Package for their Bridal Party. We are currently celebrating our 5th year in business. We started out as a small company and have now grown to a team of 35 Artists and Stylists.”

As a makeup artist/hairstylist, what advantages do you have when working with a coordinator?
Weddings can be stressful on a bride. With all of the vendors involved in a wedding it is so important to have someone to take care of each detail, big or small. This allows the bride to enjoy her day for the wonderful celebration that it is. At One Luv, we work hand in hand with coordinators to ensure we have everyone ready on time. I always suggest to leave an extra hour or so in the getting ready process, just in case. It is better to be ready early, then rushing to the alter.
What are the benefits a bride will experience when using your services? 
We pride ourselves on always being available to our clients. Whether by email, cell, or text clients can get in touch with us 24/7. We are also able to add services on the day of with little notice as we have a large team that can accommodate clients last minute needs.

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What are some misconceptions about professional hair and makeup that you’d like to address?
The most common misconception is in regards to Airbrush Makeup. Airbrush makeup has been used on movie sets for over a decade. There are many different formulas and techniques. Since Airbrush is the big craze right now I get calls daily asking about it. I have heard stories from brides who have called Makeup Artists inquiring about Airbrush and they are told horrible things about it. My first inclination is that that particular artist does not airbrush. Secondly, they have not seen or used high quality product. Their are formulas out there that can become cakey and seperate. The product that we use is a Pro only line based out of NYC. It is what they use on all of the CNN and news broadcasts as it was designed for HDTV. I swear by it. You can literally stick your face under a waterfall and it will not move. Airbrush is bullet proof!
Describe your process of working with a bride.

For brides that are in town before their wedding we offer a trial run to go over their wedding day look. Though some brides are not able to take advantage of this service as they are out of town, we suggest that they bring photos of what they want us to replicate for the big day. In order to reserve a date with One Luv we require a signed contract and $100 Deposit. The deposit is taken off the final total the day of the wedding. Every detail of the wedding is placed in the contract. We touch base with brides a month before the wedding and then a follow up a week prior.

What do you want a bride to know about your business? 
One Luv Bridal specializes in 15 Hour Waterproof and Transfer Resistant Airbrush Makeup. Not only does it provide flawless coverage, it is so light that you dont feel like you are wearing any makeup at all. To this day, we have never had a bride not book the airbrush package. And the best part is you will not need to touch it up all night. I suggest it for the entire bridal party as well. The day is meant to be celebrated, not worry about your makeup sweating off.

{Photo courtesy of Atf}

Let’s Play Loaded questions with Whitney…
What is something you’re simply not good at?
I am the worst ice skater! I skated a few times when Iwas younger and dont remember myself being that bad. Recently I went with my boyfriend in San Fran. I thought, I was on dance team in high school. I got this, I can balance no problem. To my surprise, I have to be tied to someone like a little kid or I will fall flat on my butt. In Summary, you will not see me in the Winter Olympics.
What is the best thing you’ve spent money on recently?
My most recent purchase was an IPAD key board that I stumbled upon at Wal-Mart. I was on the hunt but could not find one that was small enough to bring on the go. I am actually typing on it now. It folds up like a notebook with my IPAD just like a mini briefcase. So instead of having a separate keyboard its becomes all in one. Luv it!
What was your first real paying job? 
My first real paying job was actually at Starbucks in Green Valley. It was right down the street from my house so it was very conveinent. I loved working behind the bar and creating drink recipes. Since leaving I have stopped drinking coffee and have become obsessed with Tea. I worked there for 2 years while I was in college and then I started working for MAC Cosmetics, which is where my career in makeup began.