The Scheme Team has gotten to know Chelsy Cardin of Cardin Creative Photography  the past few months and we can not stop raving about her! Chelsy is going to be taking photos for us at our 1 year birthday party next Monday! With Chelsy’s kind heart and artistic eye, she is perfect for your wedding or event. We cannot tell Chelsy ‘thank you’ enough and tell you how honored we are to be able to work with her!

“Cardin Creative specializes in all aspects of wedding photography (wedding day, Engagement Sessions, Trash the Dress, and Boudoir) and offers a style that is modern yet timeless and elegant. They were also named “Best Wedding Photographer 2010” at the Las Vegas Wedding Awards. “

What are the benefits a bride will experience when using your services?
Every couple I work with is unique, so I customize everything for them. For example, a couple’s Engagement Photo Session can take place at any location of their choice around Las Vegas. I urge the couple to choose a location that means something to them and reflects their personalities so they have a unique session. When designing wedding albums and guest books, I start with a blank page (never a template) and design the album to accurately represent their photo session and style.

What do you want a bride to know about your business?
First of all, I love photography and I love weddings. I wake up every day feeling blessed to be able to do what I enjoy! My business is just me; I meet with the clients, photograph their wedding day, edit their photos, and design their albums. Each couple gets my personal attention to ensure that everything meets my high standards and exceeds their expectations. I always try to make things as easy as possible on the couple, and deliver a fun and flawless photography experience.

Describe your process of working with a bride.
From the initial contact all the way through the final delivery of the couples photos and album, my focus is on a fun, easy, and enjoyable experience. If the couple is local, I always meet with them to discuss their wedding and photography details. The couple can book one of my complete wedding photography packages, or build their own package to suit their needs. After they book me as their photographer, the next steps are their Engagement Photo Session, custom designed guest book, the wedding day photography, and then their wedding album. I keep the clients involved every step of the way and get their photos edited quickly so they can enjoy them.

Let’s play loaded questions with Chelsy.

What is something you wish you could do every day?

Relax (lol). Seriously, I wish I could sit down and enjoy a little down time each day. Either read a good book, flip through a magazine, or just relax with my family. I treasure my “relaxing” moments because they don’t happen very often.

What is the best thing you’ve spent money on recently?

A “date weekend” with my husband. We stayed at Vdara, had a nice dinner, and went to see a show. It was nice playing tourist, and it gave us some much needed alone time together. Worth every penny.

What is something you want to try just once?

I would love to go on a hot air balloon ride. Hopefully I will do it someday…I will let you know if it happens!

What food do you think should have its own category on the food guide pyramid?

Starbucks. I am a total addict!

What would you rather be doing today?

I’m actually having a great day working, but I would never pass up an opportunity to be at the beach. I would love to be somewhere in Southern California (Santa Barbara, Newport Beach, etc.) enjoying the cool breeze and a beautiful sunset.

Contact Chelsy at 702.318.1139 and view more of her work here!