Adam is a close friend and an amazing photographer who we have had the pleasure working with on a few projects including our Chanel and Little Rascalsthemed parties.  Adam is always a blast to be around and does great job of capturing all of the fun moments on film.  Read on to find out more about Adam, his company and his philosophy on photography and life.

“Adam Trujillo Photography has been in business since Fall of 2008.  I have been a professional photographer capturing weddings, families and other portraits for over 5 years.  I want nothing more than to deliver raw emotion and fun loving moments through my camera.  My style is editorial meets couture, I love available light but I am not afraid to play with alternate sources of light as well.  My goal is to build a great connection with each client and from a trust and bond before and during our shoot.  I am a Lifestyle Photographer and I love everything about love, family and laughter.  These are the moments in life that are truly cherished by all.”

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find inspiration everywhere.  There is no one source for me, I allow life to inspire me and the urge for that one shot that can tell the whole emotion and moment and freeze it for eternity.  Life, Fashion, Art, and being aware of Life happening should be inspiration enough.  Let the true artist inside interpret from there and find your style.

As a photographer, what advantages do you have when working with a coordinator?

I love having a wedding coordinator for any wedding or event I am part of for many reasons.  I love them so much in fact I have a post myself focused on their importance.  You can view it at  They take the stress off the bride and her family while at the same time provide timely and accurate timelines that help all of us vendors know what’s going on at any given moment.  They make sure your walking down the aisle on time and sitting down and getting served a hot meal fresh out of the kitchen.  These tasks take wisdom and dedication to provide the best service and experience to the client.

What are the benefits a bride will experience when using your services?

I strive to bring great customer service and care to each of my clients.  From the Weddings to the Family Portrait sessions, each of my clients is important to me and deserves my full attention and quick responses.  During the shoot it can be expected that I will make you laugh and make you feel a connection I know most can’t deliver.  I love meeting new people and if I have a chance to work with you then I am honored and I want to make our time together fun and carefree!


What are some misconceptions about professional photographers that you’d like to address?

I believe in quality over quantity!  What is the value to you as a person in remembering and having these special moments captured and kept forever?  Is it the best price or the quality and care of a professional that looks at you as more than another client on the books?  I only want you to use my services if you love my style and we have a connection, I don’t try and sell you by offering you cheap product that seams great until albums warp and the bindings come apart after a year or less just so you can have several albums or other cheap product to give to your loved ones.  Photographers come in many shapes and colors, some care about you and some care about the next deposit.  I love what I do and I put a value on myself I can stand behind, many can not.

Describe your process of working with a bride.

Once you have chosen me as your photographer I am all yours.  Need advice or referrals or just have general questions, I am more than happy to help.  Any bride that books with me our first step is usually our engagement session, which is more than just a little session to capture some cute pictures.  Its time for us to really bond and get to know each other.  I try to find out more about them and where that love first came from.  After this session I feel that we have connected on a level that some cannot achieve, and all of us are even more excited for their wedding day.

Let’s Play Loaded questions with Adam

What are some of your hobbies outside of the wedding industry?

I have gotten into collecting Vinyl Records.  I love the hunt of finding them as sometimes it can be a mission.  Also my better half has gotten me into riding our Beach Cruisers which is a blast to do together.

What food do you think should have its own category on the food guide pyramid?

 Bacon!  It is its own food group and millions agree!  Oh my it’s the best, and now I want to go eat some.

 What was your first real paying job?

I use to push carts at the ripe age of 15 for Albertsons.  Yes I was a courtesy clerk.

What is something you’re simply not good at?

 There are many things I feel I am not good at, but what kills me most is I can not learn music.  I love music so much and come from a family of talented musicians but I just can’t learn to play and I don’t believe I have a beautiful voice either LOL.

 What would you rather be doing today?

I would love to just be sitting beachside with the people I care about most in my life and having a refreshing beverage.  That or walking with my love on a beautiful pier in California eating a yummy churro and enjoying some fish tacos.

 Contact Adam at  702.235.7788 and view more of his work on