Have you caught the Royal Wedding fever?  The wedding industry has been buzzing for months with speculation about tomorrow’s festivities.  Whether you love it, hate it or don’t care, what happens tomorrow will impact weddings for the next 20 years.  From Kate’s dress to the decor to the live video feed broadcasting the ceremony–these trends will quickly be picked up by brides around the world and incorporated into their weddings.
Interested in watching the wedding live?  Break out your best tea and invite your friends over for a party in your PJ’s.  The ceremony begins at 3 a.m. Pacific Standard Time! Coverage will begin on E! at 1:00 a.m. PST.
For some quick facts about the wedding day go here.
To download the Royal Wedding Coverage app for your iPad, go here.
The official YouTube channel with live coverage of the ceremony and other video’s is here.
To follow the events on Twitter, use hashtag #RW2011.
For a fun (but not kitschy) memento from the wedding, check out this gorgeous gilcee and letterpress print of the processional map by Etsy seller, The House that Lars Built.

Cheers to His Royal Highness and {future} Princess William of Wales!