Congratulations on your engagement! We are so happy for you! Whether your engagement was a total surprise or a long time coming, your friends and family are going to want to know all the details. Being engaged can be a bit of a whirlwind in the beginning so take a deep breath and enjoy this period. Soon after the proposal, try to take a minute and write down your feelings, how it happened, funny stories or cute details that might get forgotten in the upcoming days. The three steps below will ease you into the wedding planning process smoothly and set you up for success!

Start a Wedding Website

Your wedding website doesn’t need to be flushed out with every wedding detail just yet. But it’s a great idea to get one started so you can let everyone know how the proposal happened, share any photos and maybe hint at an anticipated wedding date (coming Spring 2025!) if you’re ready. As events get planned, like an engagement party, you can continue to add details and information as a one stop shop for allllll those questions you’ll be receiving. We recommend using Zola to get started right away. Use code: PLNR30542 for 30% off!

Download Our Guide

Your love story is completely unique and your wedding should be a reflection of that! Visit our webpage here to receive a free copy of our guide “How to begin telling your love story”. This will lead you through thoughtful prompts to answer and steer your wedding planning decisions in a way that stay true to who you are and what you are wanting in your celebration and relationship.

Show Off That Sparkle

Hopefully a girlfriend or loved one gave a subtle hint for a great manicure before the proposal! If not, perhaps you were taken by surprise and aren’t loving your black and orange spiderweb Halloween nails now that you’re rockin’ a new rock. Your left hand is about to become very popular so book a manicure and show off your sparkle!

Bonus step #4!

Being engaged is a special time that comes with extra attention, extra questions and sometimes can become overwhelming. Get an expert by your side to plan your Las Vegas wedding flawlessly. We can work together in a variety of ways — having a professional wedding planner in Las Vegas is sure to make your engagement enjoyable and your wedding magical! Visit our Contact page to get started. Chat soon!