Life stops for a brief moment when you see the man you love on one knee! Commitments and obligations fade and you’re in a daze, the happiest you’ve ever been. Then sadly, all of a sudden, the panic of planning the most important party of your lifetime enters your head along with all your other responsibilities and busy schedule. I completely understand, I’ve been there, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Your engagement season, short or long, can be filled with loving moments with your fiancé. Taste signature cocktails and have nights of rehearsing your first kiss and first dance all while maintaining the lifestyle you had prior to the gorgeous ring on your finger. I’m so glad you’re here to read my tips for the busy bride to help you get there!

tips for the busy bride by scheme events

Schedule, Commit and Enjoy Time for Wedding Planning

Just as you would schedule your fitness class or pedicure, schedule time for wedding planning, commit to it and look forward to it! It’s best to block out two hours per week to dedicate to checking things off your wedding planning to do list. Wedding planning doesn’t mean scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram looking for inspiration. It means calling a few photographers for availability and pricing, dress shopping, scheduling your hair and makeup trial, selecting your dinner menu, etc. Make some solid decisions and move on to the next checklist item. Committing to just two hours per week will motivate you to get things done in the time you do have. Don’t waste it. Scrolling for inspiration, one of our favorite things to do, can take place while you’re on the treadmill or in the pedicure chair.

Plan With Your Fiancé

Not only remember to date your fiancé, but be reminded of why you fell in love in the first place. Take a trip back to where you first met and talk about what makes you most excited for your wedding day. Cook your favorite meal while you discuss your wedding day menu. Visit your favorite live band and take note of your favorite songs. Get your fiancé involved with wedding planning and let him make some decisions you’re struggling with. It will make checking the boxes that much easier knowing you have his support and encouragement.

Find Inspiration in Busy Life Situations

There are beautiful colors, displays and creativity all around us. Keep an eye out! Be inspired by the marketing campaign your team has created, a bible verse in church, your go to restaurant, the storefront display you always miss or the city you travel to for work. Make it a habit to take pictures and take note of what you love about it and how you can incorporate it into your own wedding design. That’s the best kind of multitasking I can think of!

Limit Your DIY Projects

Although I love a good DIY project, some projects tend to overwhelm a busy bride. Select two projects you love and add a due date to them at least two months before your wedding. The sooner you can get them done, the sooner they won’t linger in your head causing unwanted stress. Create a space in your home dedicated to these projects. Have all supplies ready to go so you can tackle them a little at a time instead of an entire Saturday. Also, ask for help! An overwhelming project is less stressful with good friends, good music and a glass of wine!

Hire a Wedding Planner

Better than a DIY project, is a professional who can do it for you! If you’re a busy bride, there is so much value in hiring someone you trust and love to manage your never-ending checklist. Hiring a professional doesn’t mean you’re no longer involved. It means you have a best friend who is keeping you up to date on due dates, vendor requests and to do list items. It means you have someone who can bring your vision to life and fulfill your requests. It means you have a wedding planner who knows all your desires and can execute a wedding day better than you could have due to your busy schedule. We love you just as much and look forward to seeing you walk down the aisle stress free and madly in love.