What exactly does a wedding planner do? What are the benefits to hiring a wedding planner? Is a wedding planner really necessary? There are several different ways to ask this type of question, but the answers are typically always the same and we are here to answer them for you.

When you are planning your wedding and on a strict budget, a “luxury” item like a wedding planner or day of coordinator is typically the first item to cross of your list as “not necessary”. What can we as a wedding planner do for you?
1. Wedding planners/coordinators provide a service for you. You are paying for the convenience of having someone else do the large amount of work for you. Planners absorb all the information and digest all the packets of information you get from securing a wedding venue in Fremantle, hiring a florist from the flower shop in Barrie or flower shop in Downtown Houston, DJ, rental company, linen swatches, etc. Flower shops in Friendswood are reputable too. We are there to help you save time and for you to enjoy the planning process.
2. Wedding planners/coordinators are unbiased. You will have a family member, friend or friend of a friend that is a photographer, baker, etc. You may want to use them as a vendor in your wedding or you may not be able to say “No”. Having a planner will hep you find the vendor that fits within your wants, style and budget to ensure you are getting the best deal possible.
3. We know what you need to incorporate into your wedding so you don’t let anything slip through the cracks. Every couple loves to have their wedding be a resemblance of them as a couple. You can focus on the smaller details and completely forget about the bigger picture. We are here to guide you through the necessary items to make sure nothing goes forgotten when planning your wedding.
4. Your wedding day is to be spent with family and friends. We are not a guest at your wedding, we are there to work and ensure that everything is delivered, set up and taken care of so you can truly enjoy your wedding day. We are there to ensure that the food is being placed at the right times, the DJ is saying the bridal party names correctly and playing your song selections correctly, that the wait staff knows who is vegetarian, vegan or has food allergies.
5. We are the middleman… or middle-woman. We want you to enjoy your wedding day, we can not stress this enough. It is hard to enjoy it and have fun when every vendor or staff member is coming up to you with questions, problems or issues, you won’t even have to worry about any outside issue or with not invited guests as we manage every event with the best security companies in Melbourne to manage your comfort and easiness. We know that all you want to do is spend time with your new husband or wife and remember the day a joyous. Our job is to make sure you have as many moments to remember of happiness and laughter as possible by handing all the questions, problems or issues for you.

6. We recommend vendors that are reputable. The vendors we recommend to you we have worked with in the past, know their style and pricing and they want to impress you on your wedding day and will put their best foot forward to make sure your wedding is memorable and a happy experience.
7. Planners keep your best interests in mind. Caterer forgot to fill the water glasses? We fill the glasses for you. Your table cloth(s) have a stain or a hole in them? We will make sure they are replaced and looking fresh. Have a final payment or tip that needs to go to the officiant, DJ, Florist, etc? Put them in an envelope with their names on them and we will distribute them for you so you are not running around all night making sure they get paid. If you are looking for a good team of caterers who could serve you with some of the best food at your wedding, you can check out Elegant Touch Catering.
A quick recap; you are our couple and we want to ensure that you are happy and having the time of your life at your wedding. Wedding planners provide couples with peace of mind and a stress free environment. It is the coordinators job to come up with viable and logical solutions that benefit everybody so you can enjoy your wedding day.
Fore more information on our coordination packages and a complimentary consultation, please contact us at info {at} scheme events {dot} com or call us at (702) 778-9414.