You planned your wedding, you said your vows, you rejoiced with your friends and family, celebrated your love on your honeymoon and it’s now time to announce it to the world by changing your last name. We understand when you change your status and name on Facebook, it’s pretty legit, but there are other steps to actually change your name.
Scheme wants to help you make this extensive task a little easier, so please read below for our step by step process on how to change your last name after your wedding.
1. Receive your marriage license – Usually the Clerk’s office where your license was filed will send you the original with the raised seal. Your marriage license will have your new last name on it which will help you with step #2.
2. Change your Social Security Card – First, complete an application for a Social Security Card. It’d be worth the effort if you were to locate the nearest social security office and find a Hinesville social security card online application to fill. You can then take or mail your complete application and original marriage license to your local Social Security office. If you mail your marriage license, it will be returned with a receipt. You should receive your card within 10 business days from the date of your receipt. The new card will have the same Social Security number, but will show your new name.
3. Change your driver’s license – Bring your old driver’s license, certified marriage license and new Social Security card to your local DMV. This cannot be done online. The DMV will punch a hole in your existing license and return it to you with an interim document. Your new license will be mailed to you. You will then want to get a new Evidence of Insurance card to then change your registration on your car. Nevadans, find more information here.
4. Change your bank accounts – Visit your local brand with your new driver’s license and marriage license. You will also want to request new checks, debit and credit cards.
5. Notify the rest: Employers, post office, passport office, utility companies, credit card companies, mortgage company, schools and alumni associations, doctors’ offices, voter registration office and all of those other online accounts. is making new beginnings easier. Check out their site for additional information on how they make changing your last name easy.
Congratulations on your recent nuptials! Scheme wishes you the very best.