Scheme Events is always looking to find unique ideas for every step of the wedding planning process. What’s better than registering for your wedding? Here are a few ideas for those looking for something other than the status quo. If the customary pots and pans aren’t for you, consider these alternatives.
A Dream Honeymoon

There are places one can dream about visiting, but here is their chance to visit that ‘dream’. There are several websites that offer ways to register for a romantic getaway for your honeymoon. Sites range from Honeyfund (it’s free to register!), where couples can raise fee-free funds for their trip, to The Big Day, which has professional trip advisers who will book your vacation and get you on your way stress-free.

The Big Day has registries for more than just honeymoons! They have registries for celebrations and etiquette registries as well. With a one stop shop for booking your honeymoon hotel, flights and more… The Big Day is a great option for a different type of registry.

Airbnb is currently sponsoring a giveaway honeymoon for 2 couples with Honeyfund to win a destination honeymoon to either to the Caribbean or on a Tuscan Romance trip. For more information on the contest, please visit the Airbnb contest page.
A Charity

This is definitely going a different route than normal with your wedding registry. Couples can register for donations in their name to a cause of their choice to. Nothing makes the Scheme Team happier than helping those in need. We love being a part of the Wish Upon a Wedding chapter here in Las Vegas that has just recently granted their first wish this month! You can give donations to Wish Upon a Wedding for your wedding registry ideas to help give the dream wedding to those in need. Please visit Wish Upon a Wedding and see how you can help make someone else’s dream come true as well.
Depending on the local or national charity, they may offer their own registry services. Other options like I Do Foundation offer a chic and helpful ways to raise money for charity with your wedding. The I Do Foundation has an extensive website that offers lots of different options for couples and their guests to donate money to organizations. All the couple needs to do is register on the site, choose the charity you would like to team up with or team up with your favorite charity and raise money for a good cause!

A truly amazing organization named The Gift of Love accepts donations to give a gift of life to both dogs and cats who are facing euthanasia in shelters that are over crowded and do not have families to adopt them. With the donations through The Gift of Love, the proceeds go to The Rescue Train, which is a unique 501 (c) (3) non-profit, no-kill organization dedicated to eliminating animal suffering and euthanasia. The Rescue Train works and educates others through hands-on awareness and rescue work. Both of these organizations do something that help so many animals that it makes us smile and have a flood of happy tears at the same time. This is one of the most unique registries you can think of for your guests, friends and family to donate to if you have all of the home goods you need or are just looking for something ‘different’.
Just for the Men

Yup, we said it… Just for the men. Ladies, if your man is in need of some things, just for himself, The Man Registry is the place to go. This registry is specialized featuring hundreds of wedding gifts tailored toward the groom (electronics, BBQ grills, bar supplies, etc). The Man Registry does not just stop at gifts for the groom, it also offers a wealth of information, how-to articles and resources to successfully guide the groom through the engagement, wedding and honeymoon planning process.
Interior Design

In our very own large backyard here in Las Vegas, Inhabit Design offers a registry for interior design for couples in their first home. We love this idea just as much as we love Inhabit Design. Why you ask? With this unique registry, you are able to get the ‘Home Sweet Home’ feel in your home once you are married to build your lives together. We highly recommend checking this idea out.
A New Home

Most newlyweds are looking for a home before and after they are married. According to one of our favorite etiquette authors, Peggy Post, it is not unacceptable for the soon-to-be-married to request monetary gifts from friends and family if made clear that the money will go toward a down payment or a mortgage.
If you have unique ideas for a wedding registry we would love to hear about them!