As you are planning your wedding there are so many details to consider–the dress, the invitations, the entertainment, the floral, the venue and so much more!  While thinking of all these aspects and taking each piece into consideration, you may think about incorporating charitable wedding ideas in your planning.  Bridal Guide posted an article with 25 ways to donate, give or volunteer and involve a number of charities or organizations in your wedding.  We’ve selected a few of our favorites to share with you.  Check out the complete list for more ideas!
#4: Reuse Your Flowers–this is a great idea to let others enjoy the flowers after your wedding.  Talk to your florist about donating to an organization you are involved with or giving them to a local hospital or hospice.  Others will be thrilled to be blessed with a piece of joy and cheer to brighten their day!
#17: Create care packages–wedding welcome bags are a popular gift for guests traveling from out of town.  Bridal Guide had an idea to take it a step further.  Add an extra bag or two and have it shipped overseas to the troops.  They’d love a bag of snacks, goodies, aspirin, soap, etc to arrive at their doorstep.  Welcome Bag Shoppe would be thrilled to assist you with this!
#22: Donate your dress–last year we had the opportunity to be involved with Brides Against Breast Cancer and volunteer during their time in Las Vegas.  This is a wonderful place to donate your dress or accessories.  Proceeds from dress sales help women with cancer.
Also, remember Las Vegas (and many other major cities) has a chapter of Wish Upon a Wedding.   They would love to receive assistance in monetary donations, airline mile donations or just help spreading their message to more people!