Are you a bridesmaid, close friend or relative looking to host a bridal shower?  There are some tips, rules and guidelines to throwing a great shower–one of them being to schedule the shower at the appropriate time.  Generally, it is best to have the shower 2 months-2 weeks before the wedding.  Avoid scheduling a shower too close to the wedding date, or if the couple and/or guests are traveling to the wedding, make sure it is at least 2 weeks prior to the week everyone will be leaving.  It’s nice for the bride and groom to have a buffer of time before the wedding.  Scheduling the shower too early in the process can be a problem if not enough of the wedding plans are confirmed and finalized.  Wedding showers can be on any day of the week and follow a variety of formats: Sunday brunch, afternoon tea, Friday night party or office luncheon.  Talk with the bride, family members and guests to determine the best availability for all involved.

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